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Argentine Tango

Currently we are not running argentine tango classes, but please email us if you are interested in us running one.

Argentine Tango is different from Ballroom Tango and is based primarily on walking. How well you ‘walk’ is the basis of a good Argentine Tango dancer.

The steps have to be learnt and memorized and once learnt have to danced the same way each time.

With regular practice you will soon be able to enjoy this beautiful dance, its music and its unique rhythm.

These sessions are open to everyone and pre-booking is not required. Medal tests take place once a year and are open to anyone wishing to participate, though not essential! I hope my dance sessions are relaxed, enjoyable and informative.

You can come along on your own, or with a partner. We don't change partners in these classes, but if you come alone there will always be someone to dance with you.

Classes cost ££4 - £5.00p depending on duration of class per person, and are charged on the door.